Precedent Details

ECU Course: Y39 Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management)

Version Number: 7
Precedent ID: 30232
Pre-qualified Course Title: 3+1 ARTICULATION AGREEMENT

Specified Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning

ECU Unit(s)
ACS2122 (Aboriginal Perspectives on the Environment)
SCC1111 (General Chemistry)
SCC2211 (Organic Chemistry)
SCC2301 (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry)
SCI1001 (Introduction to Sustainability)
SCI1125 (Professional Science Essentials)
SCI1182 (Case Studies in Science)
SCI1183 (Origins and Evolution of Life)
SCI1185 (Ecology)
SCI1187 (Form and Function in Biology)
SCI1193 (Introduction to Environmental Science)
SCI2115 (Ecological Restoration)
SCI2116 (Diversity of Life)
SCI2118 (Australian Biota)
SCI3206 (Environmental Investigation and Monitoring)
SCM2104 (Geographical Information Systems)

Unspecified Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning

No unspecified Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning found


Total credit points required for ECU course: 360
Credit points granted: Up to a maximum of 240
Total credit points required to complete ECU course: Minimum of 120
ECU course duration (in years, based on full-time enrolment): 3
Years to complete ECU course (in years, based on full-time enrolment): 1


The reduction in course duration noted above, is based on the number of credit points granted as CRPL only. Students are encouraged to request a personalised course planner from the Hub, for an accurate indication of any reduction in course duration. The course planner will be based on the number of credit points granted as CRPL, the course structure itself, and will take into account how units are timetabled and any unit prerequisite requirements.


Upon successful completion of 3 years of the Bachelor of Agriculture Resource and Environment (Environmental Management) OR Bachelor of Environmental Management at Beijing University of Agriculture, up to 16 units (240 credit points) of Credit for Recognition of Prior Learning may be awarded into Y39.7 Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management).

Students electing to alter their course of study in any way may not be entitled to receive the maximum advanced standing detailed. Please note that the time remaining to complete the course following the award of advanced standing may change and students are encouraged to obtain a course planner upon commencement.